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Jeffry van Geel
Jeffry van Geel
Algemeen manager

Op 8 augustus is het tijd voor Magikarp Community Day en zoals tegenwoordig normaal is kunnen we weer allerlei leuke extra’s verwachten. De code hiervoor is gisteren in het spel gevonden. Hieronder vind je alles wat er is gevonden:

Informatie over het ticket:

  • A ticket to access the Making a Splash Special Research on August 8, 2020, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, wherever you are. Details can be found in the in-game News.
  • Making a Splash Ticket
  • A ticket to access Special Research on August 8 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time, wherever you are.
  • This ticket will automatically activate to give you access to Special Research on August 8, wherever you are in the world.


  • Making a Splash
  • Catch {0} Magikarp
  • Evolve {0} Magikarp


  • Good to see you, %PLAYERNAME%! Do you hear that sound?
  • All morning, I’ve been hearing the distinct sound of splashing water. While somewhat relaxing, it’s definitely not a normal thing to hear around the lab.
  • Upon further investigation, I noticed an increased number of Magikarp in the wild. It was quite the sight to see so many of them splashing about.
  • Guess it’s time to GO fishing! Get it? Because Magikarp is the Fish Pokémon?
  • Anyway, I think it’ll be safe to approach Magikarp, as documentation indicates they’re harmless.
  • However, I see potential in this Pokémon. It’s time to head out and investigate.


  • Great work, Trainer! While you were out, I did a bit of a refresher on Magikarp.
  • Did you know that some Magikarp can jump so high, they can leap over a mountain? Now that’s something I’d like to see!
  • Also, while having a reputation for being worthless, this hardy Pokémon can thrive in any body of water, regardless of how dirty or polluted the water might be.
  • I think Magikarp deserves a bit more credit, don’t you think? Let’s focus on evolving Magikarp, since doing so takes some effort.
  • Maybe you should try using Pinap Berries when trying to catch Magikarp. Not only are Pinap Berries tasty, but they’re quite useful as well!


  • Good job, %PLAYERNAME%. Thanks to the research you’ve completed, it’s time to evolve that Magikarp of yours!
  • Remember when I said that Magikarp is harmless? Well, that isn’t the case with its evolved form, Gyarados.
  • Known as the Atrocious Pokémon, Gyarados has a reputation for being destructive. Tales of its rampaging nature are consistent across all research materials we have on it.
  • So much for being harmless, am I right? Of note, Gyarados is both Water- and Flying-type—something you might not expect from its humble beginnings.
  • Looks like you’ll be adding a powerful Pokémon to your team, but let’s proceed with caution.


  • Wonderful work, %PLAYERNAME%. Looks like all your efforts have paid off, and you’ve got yourself a Gyarados.
  • I’m sure this Pokémon will be a great member of your team when battling other Trainers or even Team GO Rocket!
  • Even though Gyarados is known for being vicious and extremely aggressive, a talented Trainer such as yourself will be able to befriend and train it so it can meet its full potential.
  • I’m excited to see what kinds of challenges you’ll demolish together!
  • Just make sure that the demolition is limited to battles—not entire cities.
  • Anyway, until next time!

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